In adoption, experience is everything. We are confident in our ability to coach you through this challenging but rewarding process. We expect the unexpected, and are always on hand to offer the advice and wisdom that comes from having walked this road many times. At Gyemant Paris Law, we listen to you and your vision for your future. Our role is to provide you with sound legal advice and information in order to realize your adoption plan. Our experienced adoption team will get to know you personally and coach you through the adoption process. Our top priority is to get you to a safe adoption that is right for everyone involved.  It is important to us that you feel supported at all times, and you feel free to contact us without fear of rising costs. We charge flat fees based on the type of adoption and the stage of the adoption so that you always feel comfortable contacting us with questions or concerns. 


A Relative Adoption is where a mother or father selects a member of  the family to be the adoptive parents of their child. Often this is a family decision, and our role is to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We will work with all of the family members to put together an adoption plan and help establish a future contact agreement. We will also connect you with an adoption counselor who can prepare you for the difficult conversations that may arise with the child later in life.


In step-parent or domestic partner adoptions, the spouse or domestic partner of the natural or biological parent adopts the child, so that both spouses or domestic partners become legal parents. Domestic Partners registered with the State of California and Married Couples can complete a step-parent or domestic partner adoption. Where they are not registered, the non-legal parent has to go through a more complex adoption process called a second parent adoption.

Where there is a non-custodial  biological parent who is in agreement with the adoption, the process can be very smooth and finalized within a 3-4 month window. We work with the biological parent to complete the documentation required and petition the court for a termination of parental rights.

Where there is a biological parent who is not in agreement, we will work directly with him or her to try to reach an agreement on the adoption, and will navigate and negotiate any disagreements that arise between the parties. In some cases, a petition is required to free the child from the biological parent’s custody, under freedom from care and control statutes. We work with clients to navigate this complex court process.


When a child is born during marriage through use of an egg or sperm donor, or through surrogacy, the non-biological parent can use a streamlined process under the Modern Family Act, which allows the adoption to be completed without a homestudy or court hearing.  This process is most commonly use by LGBT families, and provides relief from a more thorough adoption when the married couple has planned and created their family together, but needs to secure their parental rights through adoption.


Adult adoptions are common in cases where someone who is not biologically-related to the child has raised them to adulthood, or where the biological parent has played a strong parental role in the life of a child or young adult. Where a parent-child dynamic has been established but not legally recognized, an adult adoption gives this relationship legal effect. While adult adoptions are carried out for various purposes, some adults go through this process for sentimental reasons, and to legitimate the relationship that already exists. Another reason for completing adult adoptions is to allow the parties to have access to each other in case of emergencies, and for estate planning needs. This adoption service is completed through a court process, and can be done in a short window of time.


 California is the only state (other than the District of Columbia) that allows a child to legally have more than two parents. This applies to both custody and to adoption. There are many scenarios where this might be the right choice for a family from couples who use a friend to contribute the sperm or egg of their child and want the donor to legally be a be a parent, to intentional coparents, or a friend who has helped to raise the child or children. Please contact our office for further information about exploring this legal option.

post ADOPTION contact agreement

Post adoption contact agreements can be filed with the Court in California adoption cases to provide a structure for your post-adoption relationships. You may need help building an agreement that works for all parties, or to mediate an agreement when all parties are not on the same page. We can provide a variety of services to prepare an agreement that will work for your family not just today, but in the long term.

termination of parental rights in ADOPTIONS

In some adoptions, it is necessary to terminate the parental rights of one of the biological parents. Often, the biological father or birth father cannot be found, and his rights must be terminated in the Courts. In other cases, there has been an abandonment or another reason why the biological parent’s rights need to be terminated in Court, and a petition for Freedom from Care and Control is required to be filed with the Court. Please call our office to discuss the termination of parental rights in an adoption.

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