alternative family law

Not all families fit the traditional mold of opposite sex or heterosexual married couples. There are alternative parenting options available for married and unmarried co-parents, LGBT families, polyamorous families and others who do not fit this traditional mold, but instead fall under alternative family law. 

non traditional family structures

There are alternative family structures or nontraditional family structures that do not appear to fit neatly under the law. However, this does not mean that you need to be left without legal protection. Co-parenting agreements, adoptions and other legal tools are available to assist you. I work creatively with my clients to come up with solutions to their specific parenting and family needs. This is a collaborative process that allows us to talk through your vision for your family and make sure you are as protected as you can be and that each family member is heard.

name changes

While a name change can be accomplished without an attorney, you may find that you want assistance in changing your legal name and representing you before a judge. You can choose any name that is not deemed offensive, and must publish your intent before appearing before the judge to complete the change. Some families want their child to share the same last name and choose a new name for the entire family, or may want to change their gender or choose a name that is more comfortable than their given name.

polyamorous families

Similar to other non traditional families, polyamorous families do not fit easily with the existing legal structures. Nevertheless, current law can still offer protections, including adoption and parenting agreements. Every family is different. I am available for consultations on how the law can protect your family, and will work collaboratively to help you accomplish your vision.

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