Gestational Surrogacy

California law on surrogacy provides some of the best protection of any state in the country to all parties in a surrogacy arrangement.  While the development of law in this area is still evolving, both intended parents and gestational carriers benefit from these protections.   Under California law, the intended parents and gestational carriers (or gestational surrogate) must be represented by separate attorneys.  We create gestational carrier contracts, which are comprehensive and understandable.   We walk our clients through each detail of the legal process, and make sure they have considered all possible issues, as well as the costs.    

It is crucial to make sure that all the protections set-up so that intended parents and surrogates can experience the surrogacy process without any conflicts. Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents need to ensure that their families are protected in case any issues come up during the pregnancy, and that they are set up to build trust and connection. 

In addition to being legally necessary, contracts between intended parents and gestational carriers serve as a great tool to discuss the many issues which may arise during a surrogacy relationship.

Once you have an established pregnancy, we petition the court for a pre-birth order or pre-birth judgment, which allows the intended parents to have their names on the birth certificate at birth, and gives piece of mind to both the intended parents and the surrogate that the intended parents will be named as the sole parents of the child the surrogate is carrying.

We are available throughout the journey for advice, support and to celebrate the birth of the new family member, which is our greatest joy!


Surrogacy is an intimate process which requires a sensitive and caring approach. We make sure you understand all aspects of the contract you are entering into, including all the risks and expectations, and work to take the conflict out of the process, so that you can feel secure in your decision.



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